12 Pot Plant Shelf "Shwing"
12 Pot Plant Shelf "Shwing"
12 Pot Plant Shelf "Shwing"
12 Pot Plant Shelf "Shwing"

Clariza's Clay Pot Swings

12 Pot Plant Shelf "Shwing"

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A Brand New Item in our Collection for 2021

This 4 pot hanging shelf that is 3 levels will accommodate 12 of the 4" Standard Terra Cotta Clay Pots.

A double ring hanging system using a type 3 - 550lb tensile strength paracord and a cord lock adjustment ball to adjust the shelf to your desired height can be hung from a , a set of Jay hooks, a set of plant brackets, in a sunroom or any indoor location where you can support this item.

If used outside be aware that the Poplar or White Pine I use are not a true outdoor lumber but each piece is stained with an outdoor stain and coated with Spar Urethane so try to keep it out of the direct elements of mother nature 

The lumber I use  is Poplar or White Pine, each shelf is 29" wide and 5.5" deep and the entire system with 12 potted plants in 4" planted clay pots is about 20lbs

4" Terra Cotta Clay Pots are included with each purchase

Sales Tax is included with the price.

If the Item of your choice is marked "Sold Out" or a forward slash ( / ) through the color please contact me at clarizasclaypotswings@gmail.com or 201-788-6126 and I will build it.

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