4 Pot PT Pine / Mahogany Tower
4 Pot PT Pine / Mahogany Tower

Clariza’s Clay Pot Swings

4 Pot PT Pine / Sapele Mahogany Large Tower

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45” Tall and can accommodate 4 standard terra cotta clay pots from 6"to 8” and any size in between, it’s a stackable doweled base with a mortise to support the post. 

The base is constructed out of Pressure Treated Pine and the post is a Sapele Mahogany Stock stained in Red Oak stain, after staining I coat the tower with spar urethane for maximum protection. Can be used indoors or out during the growing season. The Large Tower has furniture glide feet to keep it off the ground.

Terra Cotta Clay Pots are available from either of the Big Box Home Improvement stores or local nurseries.

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If the Tower is marked "Sold Out" or a forward slash ( / )  through the color on my site please contact me at clarizasclaypotswings@gmail.com or 201-788-6126 and ill build it.

1 week lead time to build

Never ever use plastic pots 

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